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The LFG! T-Shirt brings excitement to the game. Win or lose you start the game with LFG, and end your game with LFG! Going for a personal PR? LFG! Clutching a 1v4? LFG! Running wagers with your squad? LFG! Studying for exams? LFG! Late for work? LFG! What ever the situation the phrase LFG! lights the fire inside of you to turn on your A game to get things done. 

About the content with in the T-Shirts

This is not just another plain jane graphic tee with something cool written on the front. Noo noo NO! Just like transformers it's much more that meets the eye. Gaze into the eye of the shirt, and you will find small messages of inspiration that shape the acronym "LFG!". 20 bomb, 30 bomb, no shot, victory etc... These words and symbols are all well placed to inspire the ranging fire within you. Its like science or something. Once you put this shirt on and look at your reflection in the mirror, those tiny messages begin to speak to your subconscious immediately raising the level of your tenacity to championship grade. Don't be afraid. This is human nature, we all have it in us to be a victory hounding lunatic... So LFG! 

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